Spring Flower

I love everything whimsical. I do, but sometimes it’s fun to take something traditionally so dainty and give it an edge, and that’s what I did with this look. I'm moving towards a more narrative feel nowadays, and catching moments and emotions can be just as beautiful as visual aesthetics. The cherry blossoms were in full bloom, and this dress melded beautifully underneath such a eye catching floral display. 

This super soft cotton dress from Huffer is everything. It's from Amazon, a surf and skate store that always has a few pieces that will catch my eye and I will wear to death each season. This dress is one of them. Apart from the fact I love monochrome, it’s so easy to style and the extra wide waist adds this beautiful fragility that makes it the perfect pair with stockings, or high socks and chunky shoes. 


I love this new look for my makeup, interestingly it’s a lot more bold in person than on images. I nailed those flicks with the help of my handy sellotape - see my post on The Essentials for getting eye liner right if you find it difficult like I do. I popped two little dots underneath each eye, in white and I love the result. It’s a little dark, but still elegant and perfectly finished with my obsidian crystal choker necklace. Crystals have a lot of fascinating meanings when worn, depending on which one. Black obsidian is a protection stone, and is really handy for sensitive souls so actually has a lot of significance for me when I wear it. 


I channelled a little bit of the 90's with this outfit, and added just a tiny element of grunge. Something I never do! But in combination with these candy coloured flowers, and this doll dress it made it slightly more interesting. High socks are my fav, and this time just under the knee felt right, I didn’t want to go too cute with this look. The black boots are from Kmart, actually from within the girl’s section but they are the perfect feminine chunky boot to anchor a loose style piece like this dress. 


My earrings are from Lovisa and match the gingham print perfectly. I love that I was able to find the perfect match. I believe when styling, it’s always best to anchor your choices around one key piece, with a maximum of no more than three colours to look cohesive. Monochrome is always an easy one to style, and by focusing on shape, silhouette and prints you can create some very eye catching looks. 

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