The Golden Hour

It's common knowledge among photographers that the hour before sunset and an hour after sunrise are the best times to photograph. The light is low, soft and when the weather conditions are right also golden. Hence why it is referred to as 'The Golden Hour'. One sunny afternoon we captured the light coming through the trees in this soft feminine spring look.

I often get caught between the whimsical and the cute, elegance meets edgy. This look I indulged in styling with a little more expression, and mixed what felt intuitively right. 


The struggle gets real when the temperature increases, showing a bit of skin to keep cool helps but I don't like to show too much... wrap dresses are that perfect mix of sexy with elegant. This is especially true for hourglass shapes, they accentuate the waist and the v-neck works wonders for your cleavage in the most sophisticated way. Wrap dresses this season, all kinds, get 'em on! 

Brighter colours are better too, bold prints and vibrant colours - the eye catching vivid pastel shades on this dress from Jay Jays was love at first sight for me. Deeper tones are always my favourite along with softer 'Summer' shades. 


I worked a relaxed but cute and quirky updo into this look. Two messy buns to keep the whole look a bit more upbeat. Sometimes with fitted pieces like wrap dresses, perfect styling can take the whole thing to another much more formal level than you'd like. That's also why I popped this dress with pink chunky sneakers from Kmart [Yes please, give me those 90's edgy vibes] and pink choker is also from Jay Jays.

Most of my socks, including these are from Farmers. They have a great range of more alternative styles, including all the over the thigh designs. Earrings are from Lovisa, and I've been keeping them to wear with the right piece. I do have a bit of OCD with my need to match things, but continuity is a beautiful thing, and the colours of the earrings work in well with the colours in the dress. 


Playing with my makeup was fun this month! My sister gifted me a few awesome new products, and I played with my new pink MAC Dazzleshadow, it's pretty and seems to need much more of a build up to get the pigment strong, easily wearable during the day or night. I loved it with this outfit, the colours work in so well. Plus, anything sparkly - you can count me in. I'll be sure to be getting more sparkly beauty products in future too. 

A dainty but edgy look that I'll be wearing well into summer. Time to bring out that colour! 


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