Baby Pink

Jessica Greetham is a fresh new designer specialising in knitwear with clean, elegant ergonomic pieces that can take you through seasons.

The 'Ashley Bomber' is a gorgeous baby pink number that inspires so many possibilities for styling. I've always been a believer than less is more, despite my often lavish take on outfits, but Jessica Greetham's pieces are so delicately bold they only require a few of your favourite pieces to match to perfection. Keep an eye out as I'll be covering more of Jessica Greetham's gorgeous collection this season.

Shop the Jessica Greetham 'Ashley Bomber' here, and follow her on Facebook + Instagram.


It was love at first sight. Made from soft Peruvian wool, this jacket is delightfully comfortable. It's made from a natural fibre so intuitively adjusts to the weather you're in, making it a great choice for warm days with cool evenings, and across seasons. The chunkiness of this jacket is just so fun to style, anything tailored makes a great pairing underneath for my other hourglass figure gals. High waisted skirts, flared shorts, or any shade of blue denim would work well with this piece.


Classic white sneakers and socks, and this linen dress from Glassons made the perfect accompaniment for me. Shades of blue and earthy tones came to mind when contemplating this outfit but a crisp white makes the pink pop, and complements our statement jacket, and highlighting this beautiful shade.

The jewellery set is handmade by me, wooden beads varnished with glitter and part of the 'Dorothy Collection'. Pops of rainbow colour finish off this look nicely, and a little bit of sparkle makes it that much more fun...


The beautiful detailing in the sleeves is what makes this piece for me, intricately woven and running down the length of the arm it takes this jacket from simple elegance to statement piece. Keep your accessories simple is my advice, and stick to tailored garments to match.


A little bit of Baby-Spice is what I feel inspired this look, loose plaits keep this outfit more relaxed and playful, but don't be fooled - this jacket is only for any girl that means business. The perfect way to add that little bit of effortless style into your outfit.


Shop the Jessica Greetham 'Ashley Bomber' here, and follow her on Facebook + Instagram

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