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Phoenix Renata is a self made business owner and beauty guru. With over 15 years experience in the makeup and fashion industry, her knowledge and skill are among the best in New Zealand. The dream of the "Pink Ladies" store became a reality for her at only 21 years old, after a number of years of hard work and dedication to achieve her dreams. Now she manages a number of stores, and continues to build the Phoenix Cosmetics empire. This week we take a look at the style and inspiration behind her renowned aesthetic, with a vintage Hollywood glamour style photoshoot collaboration.

We also sat down last week to chat about her makeup brand, her dreams, journey and life as a leading creative. If you missed it, you can take a look here on 20 Questions with Phoenix Renata. 


Phoenix is available for consultations in store at Grey Lynn, and also designs her entire product line of "Phoenix Cosmetics" herself. Phoenix not only operates and runs her 12 New Zealand stores full time, is a wife and Mum to two beautiful children, but is also the creator of her fabulous YouTube channel, full of inspiration, tips and tricks, tutorials and everything you need to up your makeup game. Her Instagram is also crammed full of gorgeous makeup inspiration, and new looks added every few days for you try yourself. I really love how she pops in lots of gorgeous shimmery, glittery and feminine looks especially for evening looks and special occasions. Phoenix breaks down the process into simple steps so even the most newbie of makeup learners can follow along! Of course along the way she uses various products from her brand Phoenix Cosmetics, sharing the odd giveaway too if you keep an eye out. 

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Below Phoenix shares a few tips on perfecting your makeup, and as I am always interested on learning new tricks. I asked her if she could share her thoughts on the perfect red lips + lash application, as these are two of the most essential skills. We all have our great makeup days... and not so great. Hopefully these insights will make every day a fabulous makeup day! Before you take a look at those, give this video a watch so you can nail the basics, and make your foundation last all day, plus head on over for many more great tutorials on her channel 'Phoenix Renata'.


You can follow Phoenix on Facebook here, and shop more Phoenix Cosmetics goodies here!

A very special thank you to this wonderful lady who we were lucky enough to have in our team. Without her we could not have made this entire photoshoot happen. Thanks to the magical hands of Miss Frankie Dots - a talented hair stylist extraordinaire we were able achieve that beautiful vintage Hollywood glamour look through Phoenix's hair as well. Frankie specialises in vintage hair styles, and pinup makeup. You can book her for your next event over on her website here.


Phoenix's tips for perfect lash application...

Lashes make all the difference to a look. They glam to your makeup instantly. It can be a process finding a pair that suit and frame your eyes, but persevere and try different styles until you find one you love. Shop Phoenix Cosmetics lashes here!


Tip #1. Always cut lashes before applying them to the length of your Lash line, so that they fit you perfectly, this helps to make them look more natural and seamless. 

Tip #2. With lash adhesive, use a good quality glue like this Phoenix Cosmetics Adhesive, and always wait for the glue to go tacky before applying lashes to your eyes. If you apply them too soon & the glue is still too wet, it can be very difficult to get them sitting perfectly. 

Tip #3. Try the Deposit technique after applying lashes, this little trick helps make the lashes look like your own and hides any join between your natural lashes and the falsies. Don't know what the Deposit technique is? Check out my step-by-step Video Tutorial on my YouTube channel below!


Phoenix's tips on how to achieve the perfect red lipstick...

Tip #1. For the perfect pout I swear by a sharp lip liner. Make sure to have a cosmetic pencil sharpener. The pencil gives your lips a sharp edge that makes your line look perfect. 

Tip #2. I recommend using a slightly brighter coral shade of red like this shade in 'Marilyn', as a liner underneath your red lipstick. It makes any red over the top, just pop & look amazing. 

Tip #3. Once your Lippy is on, use a Concealer around the edge of your lip line, it makes your lips look bigger and super luscious with a really clean line. 

Marilyn Monroe always wore 5 shades of lipstick to get the perfect shade of red. You don't need to be that excessive but I do love how a lighter and darker lipstick look when worn together. An ombré effect with lighter in the centre and darker on the edges does wonders in photographs too. 


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