In the midst of beauty and colour is a darkness, but what would the light of day be without the night?

There is something magical about the context of how and where an outfit is worn that can transform a piece. Contrast is everything. When setting up the backdrops for my pieces I always think about how the two elements will enhance each other, and for this extravagant array of flowers which I set up, I wanted to showcase an outfit that was dainty but also dark with a sold silhouette. 

This entire outfit is from Dotti, with statement earrings from Lovisa. The skirt is a stretch-velvet design that comes to around the waist and sits at a modest length, it’s also not too flared which often I actually prefer. The suede thigh-length boots are a current trend that won’t be dying out any time soon, and especially if you have slender legs like mine they are a feminine touch to many different looks. This top however is the hero element of this outfit. 


Much of the time when I am putting together new looks, it gives an impression of deliberate intention when an outfit is styled around one hero piece. That way nothing competes and the central element can be fully appreciated. This lace top has a beautiful floral pattern across the front, and long bell sleeves that move beautifully. The pattern extends around the bottom of the top as well, so over the top other bold colours would also combine favourably. It’s a great formal or party wear piece, and depending on what is added underneath it’s very versatile. Instead of a bralette, a singlet or strap top could be worn together.


The scalloped edges on the sleeves and bottom of the top add a delicate feel to it when worn, but the floral embroidery is what makes it beautiful. I paired this outfit with black statement earrings that also come in a few different bold colours too, but once I had everything in black I felt continuity was what it needed for accessories. That is also why I chose no other pieces of jewellery other than my earrings, and I kept my makeup and hair relatively neutral in more nude shades, so that it wouldn’t take away from the drama of this setup. 

To me this outfit represents a large part of what it means to me to be a woman. Delicate but strong, constantly changing but purposeful. Always beautiful. 


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