90's fashion has made a come back. But the fun isn't over yet! With this look I explore the darker side in my own dreamtime... 

I have never really been a fan of grunge. New Zealand became notable in the international fashion scene back in the 80's and 90's when our love of all things black made centre stage through designers like Zambesi. However, with a twist of all things cute from my other half, NZ illustrator Gareth Keenan has given life to these images with an adorable story of chaos and insanity. Everything that encompasses the world of dreams in this cute little number. 


My favourite accessories are the most well loved. And I'm not referring to the derp-to-pus hanging off my dress hemline. These velvet heels were a match made in heaven with this velvet tunic dress from Glassons. It feels super silky to put on, and the perfect length. For a more modest look you could pop a pair of stockings with it, or get creative and make them coloured for a bolder feel. These blunt heels remind me ever so much of the 90's bordering onward. Chic comfort. 


I matched my dress with a pom-pom choker, drop diamante earrings and black tie bracelet from Collette. I was reminded of the rubber bracelets that used to be so popular and collectable back when I was in school. Likewise with the chokers, and I'm pretty glad they've come back into fashion so we can relive the trend all over again. With such a block colour design like this dress, small dainty pieces are the best contrast. 


The little bag is also from Collette, and is a cute addition to finish off this look. In terms of makeup and hair I went for a messy super high pony, and a vivid pink lip. I went for an almost blown-out feel to the lighting, a nod to 90's imagery and the grunge aesthetic. What I love most about this set is the way each of these little characters are both real and not at the same time. The same way we exist in the dream world, the duality of fantasy and seeming reality happening simultaneously. Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!


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