Business Showcase: Rosie Squish

I am stoked to bring you Rosie Squish accessories and homewares! These beauties are designed and made here in New Zealand by independent artist Rosie Thompson. Starting her business just over 6 years ago these uber-feminine pastel treasures have unique style and flaunt total girl power! 

All of Rosie’s pieces are in various pastel colours and are easy to mix and match. Available online on her Etsy shop here, or as custom orders, these adorable collections are available each for a limited time. Rosie also creates new pieces regularly so there is always new goodies to look out for. I wanted to show how absolutely cute and Kawaii they are when styled to perfection, so featured below are a series of pieces from her new and older collections, some of them have a few different versions available and others are integrated into newer products. So here you have it:

Business Showcase | Rosie Squish

Special thanks to Rita Sue Clothing for this beautiful accompanying mermaid blouse. You can shop the look at the Rita Sue online shop here.


This first look features a set of Rosie’s ‘Pastel baby bone hair clips', which in this pack came in three colours: aqua blue, baby pink and lilac. Cute buns are an adorable look that I have my own take on, and this is super easy to do! Especially if you aren’t a hair wizard and I am certainly not. Just use a hair tie and pull your hair through as if making a ponytail, then stop just before the ends of your hair are free. But first make sure your hair is sleek and straight to prevent frizz. Simple! I believe in visual consistency too, if you are going to embrace pastel then take it all the way, so I love how this mermaid inspired blouse from Rita Sue clothing really brings this look together. I kept my makeup relatively neutral, managed to master a decent winged eyeliner (thank you, my good friend sellotape), a luminescent eye and a vibrant pink lip. I’m also all about blending my blush into a little bit of bronzer on my cheeks to give a more dimensional and flush tone.


This next look features these rad 'Merbabe' sunglasses that Rosie decorates uniquely each time. A mixture of little gems and hand painted sea shells, they are an extravagant Kawaii accessory! I paired these glasses with these multi-purpose fluffy ‘Sea Egg clips', in Rosie’s interview she wore these attached to her overalls which I thought was a fantastic way of decorating her current outfit, and you can also wear them in your hair or attach them to your clothing, in pockets for example. 


Rosie’s creations are inspired by Japanese Harajuku fashion, and the ‘Pastel Goth’ aesthetic amongst a few others. Mermaid elements also combine with her collections which give them cohesion and show continuity across her designs. These next looks show the ‘Merbabe Hair Clips’ and ‘Mermaid Ahoy Sea Gem Pins’ in a few different ways, plus her beautifully made vintage up-cycled ‘Painted Merbabe’ which come in all sorts of pastel colours. You can read all about Rosie’s design and creation process here in my interview with Rosie. These Merbabes have such character and are the perfect bedroom wall accessory! 


I really love how all Rosie’s hair clips are teeny enough to feel cute when you wear them, not dominating your outfit but still being big and bright enough to be noticeably sweet. These shell ones were my personal favourites, especially because they are in a few different shades so you can wear one or a few depending on your outfit. They’re easy to slide into your hair, and with an alligator clip they’re nice and secure. 

Below features one of Rosie’s newest pieces, her exquisite little ‘Merbabe Pin', surrounded by her other clips and pins. This merbabe pin is within a series of pins in collaboration with artist Shannan Meow. If you are a fan of the pastel look, or love collecting super girly accessories then these pins are made for you! You can shop these collectables here: 


There are so many ways of styling these pieces but these are a few classic examples to get you inspired! Whether it’s new decorations for your sleepy space or decorations for your face head over to Rosie’s Etsy shop now to peruse her latest collection, and you can follow her adventures on Facebook here!

Featured from left to right: Merbabe Hair Clips, Mermaid Ahoy Sea Pins, Painted Merbabe and Merbabe Sunglasses with Sea Egg Clips, Baby Bone Clips by Rosie Squish.

Featured from left to right: Merbabe Hair Clips, Mermaid Ahoy Sea Pins, Painted Merbabe and Merbabe Sunglasses with Sea Egg Clips, Baby Bone Clips by Rosie Squish.

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