There is much joy to be had in dressing up to the nines, picking out the most luscious outfit and extravagant jewellery for a special occasion. I’ve always been drawn to sparkly luxurious items like a magpie, and even more so when it’s jewellery or accessories.

Sometimes though, and especially recently I have discovered the quiet beauty in dialling it back and drawing out a more refined side of myself. A more sleek, sophisticated style that is softer and minimal.


The connection between the mastery of one's craft, and a softer emphasis on the razzle dazzle is definitely true for me. After years mastering my craft within my photography, and I am still learning - I appreciate the subtle details of a beautifully executed image. Rather than the easier to digest aesthetic appeal, more so now than ever. The same has lead to be true with my style, and after a long time of nailing various extravagant looks I have decided to seek the unknown, and the unconquered so to speak. 

A woman’s sense of femininity is not always an overt expression. I have respected women who quietly but confidently exude charm and charisma through their styling choices. This look pays homage to my inner child, but at the same time has definitely evolved from the bright and bold I have often boxed myself into. Back to the essential elements of an outfit, that display confidence through simple style choices. 


There’s something about wrap style dresses that get me every time, not only are they the perfect shape for me but they are just so darn comfy! This one is from Pagani. I have been falling in love with many of their pieces recently. It has a wrap bodice, which can be undone, and a zip at the back so you can perfect the fit. Above all the length is modest, but still dainty at just above the knee. These big beautiful flared sleeves are also the best length, and I can see myself wearing this dress all year round.  

As much as I want to be a lady, I will always be a girl at heart. Little socks with flats (or heels) are not only girlish but very cute. I never want to play it too straight and little details like this are what give me pleasure in creating looks like this. The socks and shoes are both from Kmart, the flats in my mind were a perfect match with this dress and echo similar shades in the rustic floral print. The terracotta coloured choker is also from Kmart, and these come in packs of three for an unbelievably small amount. 


I wanted my makeup and hair to echo the sleek elements of this dress design. I used copper shades above my eyes, and used a highlighter to accent my philtrum - the space above my lip on the ridges, and along my nose to elude to that ‘dewy’ look. I used a nude lip shade mixed with a little coral, and I am very happy with the end look. I’ve also been working on perfecting my brows over the last few months and am still undecided wither or not I will invest in a stronger brow gel, as I am very proud of my lush brows as is! For this look the natural and raw is more beautiful I feel.


My hair however, is not all natural, but I am pretty impressed with the results. I bought this pony tail extension from ‘Superior Hair’ on Symonds Street and it’s perfect. Very easy to navigate especially since I am slowly progressing with various hair styles to match every new look. It’s easy to attach and very fast. Very surprising how heavy a long ponytail is though! 


I thought long and hard about how to best express this look through the imagery. I decided to reel it back and focus on the lines and shapes of the garment in motion, which is truly where the femininity of this outfit lies. Long exposures took me where it needed to go, and although many of the poses were very demanding to capture, the efforts are worth the results and I can feel how the garment moves through these images. Long exposures require much forethought with controlled lighting, but also create more dimension than a naturally lit image. I am drawn to the atmosphere of an image as much as I am the content, and this look is definitely all about those fresh sleek vibes. 


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