Child's Play

Not all outfits are created equal, and not all looks are made for every day wear. This is one of them.

Channelling my inner kawaii creature, I spent a day and took on the challenge of transforming every-day items from your favourite place Kmart New Zealand, into something a little more other-worldly. 


I love the Japanese fashion scene, Harajuku is an amazing place full of colourful creations and fashion eye candy. Although it’s not the only influence on my work, it’s always had a hand on what I do since the early days of watching Cardcaptors back in the 90’s. Madison and her never ending wardrobe of outfits totally inspired me by pushing the boundaries of what I thought fashion was - and to this day my curiosity has never subsided. Every now and then it's just more fun to wear things differently than how they were intended - life's too short to be boring!


This outfit started with the idea I wanted to do something pastel but colourful. Walk the lines between rainbow and Lolita. The dress is made from a soft cotton blend and is very wearable, but aside from it’s inherent practicality it has an adorable sea-shell pattern over it which I colour picked from to style the accessories. I really liked the idea of matching my navy tights with a navy dress, it's not something you often see and I feel works well to create a little conservatism within chaos. As always I kept my colour palette rather simple - it’s the background in these shots that really show how far I managed to push this look. 

If I were to dress this outfit for every day wear, I'd replace the pigtails with one high pony-tail, and switch out the rainbow eyes for copper eyes and a nude lip. And of course maybe a handbag instead of Mr. Sloth, but hey, I won't judge. 


I roughly curled my hair for this, keeping it slightly messy and youthful but I couldn’t resist adding in the pigtails and ribbons. Though to show that it’s not all so serious, I added a rainbow of colour around my eyes, using warm colours to create space on my inner eye and colder colours to line the outside of my eyes. I did a pale pink lip to keep it simple. Most of my accessories I matched in the same pale shade of pink for continuity, even Mr. Sloth! 


Sometimes I gravitate toward certain aesthetics in the same way children arrive at a birthday party, and I wanted the expressions of the images to convey a sense of youthfulness and eccentricity. The joys of your own wonderland and embracing your unique little quirks!

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