Winter Makeup Highlights

Winter Makeup Highlights

So, What is makeup? 

Winter is a very creative time for me. It's my off-season, when I am not working on many weddings or portrait sessions and I love being able to focus my time on developing creatively. I've always been amazed at the work that other hair and makeup artists have created on set with me, and I've spent the last year and half developing my skills to a level that enhances my images here on The Wardrobe.

For those of you that watch my stories on Instagram, you'll know about 'Makeup Monday' where every Monday I create a new look and share the steps along the way I took to get there, including what worked and what didn't! Here are the highlights from my recent winter makeup looks, and 'Ten Lessons I have Learned' along the way...


I have created a few more adventurous glam looks, and many of these are inspired by some of the makeup artists I admire including Phoenix Renata, Shaanxo, Lara Tilley, and emerging artist Laila Bays. I highly recommend you check these girls out if you haven't followed them already.  One of the most creative looks was this sparkly mixed media look [See above] that was inspired by Brittany Ivery. I adore her use of 3D elements in her makeup looks, and it inspired me to think outside of the box. I used broken sections and gems from old earrings to create this look and I was really pleased with how it turned out. So if that's the first thing to learn, it's that when it comes to makeup and beauty as an artform it's all about being playful and open to trying new products, techniques, colours and looks. 


Ten Makeup Lessons I've learned over Winter

1. Get Creative with Colour! The perfect example of this is yellow. I used to think that yellow really didn't suit me, and generally when it comes to clothing I do avoid it. Makeup can be a little different, as you can combine it with other colours. I've tried yellow eye shadow and I loved it! So I'll definitely be doing more looks with crazy colours I would usually avoid, coming up will be shades of blue...

2. Choose the right Lashes. Not every lash is beautiful on everyone, and not every beautiful lash on you will enhance every look you create. I've learned to select a thicker lash with stronger looks, and wispy lashes with delicate or more natural looks. Especially when the colours are more subtle, a thicker lush lash can hide them. 

3. Use a Lip Liner! I can't stress this enough. I used to never wear a lip liner, and wonder why I couldn't get a perfect crisp lip line, that didn't move. Now, I always wear a lip liner in a similar shade - and it doesn't have to match perfectly. It just gives the lipstick a base to stick to! Get 3-4 shades in nude, pink, red and maroon and use them every time! Your lipstick will last a day instead of a few hours.

4. Don't apply Primer to your Eyes... This one I learned the hard way! I put my general skin primer near my eyes and when I went to blend my eye shadow, it wouldn't budge! It was impossible to get a nice finish and I had to start over. Those of you who saw my stories will remember this one... it was embarrassing but learn from my mistakes if you haven't already...

5. Create a Base. Use a moisturiser, this is a must. Use a primer. I used to use neither, and wonder why my foundation would do that cakey thing, where it would get a bit flakey. Do you ever find that happens to you? If so, it's because you haven't prepared your base. I make it sound like some sort of cake, but it is accurate! Find a great moisturiser, and use it. Then use your primer and make sure your primer matches well with your foundation. I use both MAC primer and Studio Fix foundation as it comes in such a pale shade that I am!

2018 Winter Makeup.jpg

6. Glitter is your Best Friend. Glitter is a surprisingly easy way to glam up any of your day looks, and it's pretty difficult to ruin it! Make sure to only use very fine glitter for maximum effect. Choose one shade, and apply it in the middle of your lids, voila! I've created a number of looks with glitter, and I'm looking forward to doing lots more over the coming months.

7. If in doubt, go Earthy. Natural makeup to me, is about being effortless. [I chat with fellow blogger Phoenix about this topic, and we do our makeup together on camera in her recent video here!] Whether you're after a natural makeup look or something glam, you want people to notice you and not just the makeup. When I was starting to learn about makeup, I opted for very natural shades in eye shadows, blushes, and lip colours. These included coppers, shades of brown, [Stay AWAY from black!] a warm silver, or pale gold, and shades of soft pinks. The rule applies for me even when I do an adventurous look, when I'm unsure on what colour my lips should be - go nude, keep it natural.

8. Define your Brows. I used to just vaguely create a shape I was looking for, and focus more on the rest of my face. After interviewing the wonderfully talented Phoenix, I realised how important that brows are. They frame your face, and create a space for you to work! Get a good brow specialist to shape your brows, such as the ladies at Phoenix Cosmetics and then follow that shape yourself if you can. My brows are a work in progress still, but so far I have learned the importance of shaping and defining them.

9. Give yourself enough Time! I am guilty of this one. I never give myself enough time and end up rushing, with disastrous results! I need to allow between 2-3 hours for makeup and hair, especially as I am not as experienced and need to go a lot slower than professional makeup artists. 

10. Mix it Up! This one is probably the most important thing I have learned. Not to be afraid of trying new looks, and finding inspiration that's new, different, and not being caught in the same way of thinking in regards to trends or expectations. Define your own sense of beauty, and style. For me this has been the most enjoyable part! 


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