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I had the pleasure of collaborating with fellow blogger Phoenix Renata, the owner and visionary behind Phoenix Cosmetics late last year for her interview and style feature, this time it's back to beauty basics.

I have covered a great deal on the beautiful aesthetic of her brand, and her notoriety as an influencer and leading makeup artist. This post I cover a selection of essential Phoenix Cosmetics products, along with the fabulous experience I had getting my brows professionally shaped by the brow guru herself. Believe me when it comes to mine, this is no easy feat! 

Scroll to the bottom to watch Phoenix shape my brows step by step, in her detailed tutorial on perfect natural brow shaping at the end of this feature.

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It's no secret that brows can shape your face, redefine it and frame your features to their potential. I know this, many of us know this. What is difficult is finding the right person, studio and products to rely on to make it happen. My brows are not your average, although they are lush I have a scar on my inner right brow. This makes shaping them evenly tricky, and the tendency to refine them too much is tempting as a consequence. My brow experiences have ranged from mini disasters attempting them myself, to very little reduction on what I often refer to as the ever growing 'hair slugs' above my eyes from "professional studios". Shaping is a subtle technique, one or two hairs can mean the difference between flattering or a faux pas. To minimise this, I've played it a little safe and kept them thicker and less defined than they could be.

Then came my saviour! Filmed step by step for you, as a tutorial on her inspirational youtube channel, Phoenix shaped my brows to perfection, and the results are astounding! Take a look at the video for a good ol' before and after if you don't believe me. I was genuinely amazed at how sleek my brows looked, the shape and the extra products used to finish it off perfectly. Being a blonde but not a complete natural one has made it tricky to get bold defined brows without overpowering ones. So below I share with you the products that I can't go without for beautiful brows of your own. Book in with Phoenix to get all the details on what products are right for you. I have always been cautious of beauty studios, but I cannot recommend Phoenix and her team enough. If your brows are in need of some love - get in touch or book online. 


This week I am covering Phoenix Cosmetics, because I only cover fashion pieces and beauty products I absolutely love. Did I mention they are not tested on animals, and are New Zealand owned. Even with my past of not-so-great brow experiences, Phoenix has completely opened my view. The Phoenix Cosmetics products are as recommended by Phoenix for me, and it's the specific tint of this brow shadow that is just utter perfection. If you are looking for a similar shade, a darker than blonde without being yellow - this 'Tender Taupe' is just what you need. In addition, the two brushes pictured above are also must haves. The brow brush, and lash/brow brush. Finally, the 'Waterline Liner' in nude makes the perfect finishing touch to your brows, both underneath them and on top to sharpen the lines of the brow shadow. You can blend as desired. 


There are so many benefits to having beautifully shaped brows. Other than the obvious of keeping the hair slugs at bay, it's fabulous how you need less product, and simple becomes striking. In this look above that was done by Phoenix, she used a few of the products shown below as well as a few extras. A little disclaimer, kids don't try this at home and if you are serious about beautiful brows then go and see the experts at Phoenix Cosmetics!

Phoenix Cosmetics for this Natural Look:

Phoenix Eyeshadow in Tender Taupe for Brows ~ Phoenix Eyeshadow in Oyster Pearl ~ Phoenix Brow and Lash Comb Brush ~ Phoenix Camouflage Concealer in Light Beige ~ Phoenix Nude Waterline Liner ~ Phoenix Black Mascara


One of my favourite things about Phoenix Cosmetics is this incredible range of brushes available in a full set! Not only are they pink, and come in the most adorable case but I will no longer need to ponder the makeup aisles wondering whether I need another brush for this purpose or that. From left to right you have: Powder brush, blush brush, foundation brush, eyeshadow brush, blending brush, concealer brush, brow brush [amazing for getting a perfect defined look] a lip brush, and brow/lash brush for mascara or to keep those strays in line!


Plus, of course there is also the incredible buffer brush which I have been applauded by many of my friends for adding to my kit! This brush is a wonder of many miracles, specially designed for powder, bronzer, blusher and foundation application. You can also use it with your foundation to apply with an extra smooth finish. The excitement continues... Scroll on below to browse these pretties. You can also peruse the Phoenix Cosmetics brush selection here.


I finished up this fabulous day with a little celebratory shoot, to capture the magnificence of my brows in pristine condition... This would be a one off occasion but thanks to Phoenix once a month I will be booking in, back for more brow beauty.


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