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Three unique makeup looks…

Every Makeup Monday I create a new look on my Instagram stories sharing the transformation from before to after.

I enjoy showing all the details of how I work, and the process involved in every look. So leading up to Halloween, each of the three days beforehand I created a new look each day. A traditional version of Elsa as a Snow Queen, a Ghost, and a Flower Fairy. I’m especially proud of my last look as it was the most unusual and also the most tentative to make. Below is a little run-down of each look for Halloween…


Monday: Snow Queen

For my first look, I started with moisturiser, primer and foundation as usual. Currently my favourite foundation and primer is from MAC cosmetics. (Studio Fix). Then I used my brow pencil, and added more fullness to my brows with my brow powder before carving them out with concealer as usual! After playing around with a fantastic little face paint palette I bought from BodyFX, I added white paint to my lashes and a light wash over my eyes before adding a layer of shimmery white eye shadow over the top of both eyelids. Then I used my eyeshadow blending brush to add a light blue, deep blue, and dark blue to the mid, upper and outer crease of the eyelid. I applied the face paint to my brows and false lashes, and once it was dry I applied them to the edge of my eyes and also added a line of white face paint around the lash line at the top to cover the lash band. Finally, I added glittery gems on the outer corner of my eyes in clusters and added a little blush in a light pink to my cheeks. The lip colour is a matte shade and I added a dab of gloss to my bottom middle lip to finish. My hair is my new favourite wig from Donnalove hair, which I plaited to complete the look! This wig is fabulous, has everything you need and is just so beautiful for so many looks as every look this week was created using it.


Tuesday: A Ghost

This idea came to me while I was mulling over the traditional Halloween concepts that have been executed and how there are still so many classic looks that aren’t recreated very often! My vampire look in collaboration with Phoenix Renata was one of these, which you can check out here. This look was difficult to plan, but I liked the idea of using a veil in the place of a sheet to create that ghostly feel. It worked really well, and although I changed the lips the way it turned out was really beautiful and creepy!

I started with my usual moisturiser, primer, and foundation, but this time I also did a wash of white face paint over my entire face to make myself a little bit paler. Then I added white matte eyeshadow in the inner corners of my eye, before applying a grey to the mid section and black in the outer corner, blending it out and round to underneath my eyes as well. I used a dark brown for my brows, I wanted them to look black and heavy, making my hair look extra pale! My aim was to do an artistic play on the cartoon ghost portrayal - under a sheet with black eye holes cut out! Then I added lipstick but blended it out from the inner lip, before adding gloss all over and white face paint to create the little crosses under my eyes. I also added false lashes to define my eyes a little more. I finished with a little contour but no blush, to make my cheeks look a little more gaunt, it worked really well!


Wednesday: Flower Fairy

This look was the most unusual and was also the hardest to put together. I’d seen some inspiration on Pinterest but nothing quite like what I was aiming for so after I created a sketch to make it clear for myself what I was after I started with the usual moisteriser, primer, and foundation then started on my brows. I wanted a pixie sort of look, so I brushed up my brows until they were spiky, and used eyelash glue to hold them in place flat to my skin. Then I brushed them with white face paint, before blending deep to soft pink eyeshadows across my brows from the inner corners. After that I blended spots of various pinks across my face, by the corners of my eyes and not symmetrical either! I also applied a soft pink to my nose with a ton of highlighter on the tip. Cute! I kept my eyes white, blending it up to my brows. Then I used eyelash glue to apply various sized fake flowers to my face. I had to sit and hold them for a rather long time to encourage them to stay! I cut up my white lashes I created on Monday for my Snow Queen look and applied those to add lift, then added little white dabs of facepaint across my cheeks, eyelids, and above my brows. I finished the look with a nude lipcolour, my favourite nude lipstick from Phoenix Cosmetics.

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