The Freedom of Fashio

“On Trend or Fashion Faux Pas?”

What does fashionable truly mean anymore?

Being fashionable underlines the importance of ‘good’ fashion choices, and the risk of making bad ones. Our measure of style implies there is a given expectation of how we must dress. But what does it mean to be fashionable now?

Wearing Dress from Factorie, Shoes from Novo Shoes, Bag & Headband Thriftstore Items.

Wearing Dress from Factorie, Shoes from Novo Shoes, Bag & Headband Thriftstore Items.

What does it mean to be fashionable?

The fear that comes with making style and beauty choices is real. It’s not an accident that we look to fashion icons and celebrities to dictate to us what to wear and how to look. Our desire to be accepted and celebrated for who we are, is a real part of the human experience. It’s part of our genetics to feel connected to those around us. However I believe that the pressure to conform to the limitations of fashion is just another self imposed concept we place upon ourselves when going shopping, making fashion choices, and defining our personal style. It’s common belief that being fashionable is a style that pre-exists, a mould we must fit into and our ability to do so dictates our success or lack of. I have a different view, for me being fashionable is about finding your own personal freedom.

To break the rules, first you must master them.
— Anon

How do you find freedom in fashion?

Fashion has never been a cage in my mind. Despite this common perception, throughout history the rebellious ones often led the trends that others followed. I feel that fashion is more about conviction, passion and honesty. In fact, breaking the rules can be very contagious. Many women who broke the rules of fashion and style were not only celebrated but altered the future of women’s fashion. The name ‘Chanel’ is one that comes to mind. Living in an era of lavish, ostentatious designs, feeling suffocated by the monotony of repetition that surrounded her, Coco Chanel took the minimilist style of men’s hat-wear and made it her own. Not long after adopting it herself, other women were inspired by her unique aesthetic. The simplicity and beauty in what she saw caught on, and before long her name became a worldwide phenomenon.


How do I create my own fashion freedom?

This is the golden question! Look no further than those that came before us. Coco Chanel is a fashion icon because she embodied this notion. She was a master haberdasher, and understood the subtleties of her craft. She was extremely passionate about the pieces she made, and so with a combination of skill and love she saw possibility where others did not. This, in a nutshell is what I believe the freedom of fashion is all about. Seek to understand your own aesthetic, what sparks joy for you and why. Do some research into the history of fashion throughout the various centuries, and be honest with yourself about who inspires you with their style mastery. I believe everyone is their own style icon, if you spend enough time looking within yourself, for the love of fashion.


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