Shine On

The perfect accessory has never been simpler…

Quay Australia has one of the best selections of sunnies, accessories and faux glasses. Regardless of the season, the right pair can complete any look, but how does one choose?

Selecting the right pair of sunglasses can feel like an elusive task. What looks freakin’ hot on the model can look comical in reality. Is the answer spending hours in store trying on endless styles until one fits? Think again. Catering to both women and men, there’s something for everyone with Quay Australia! They’re consistently dropping new styles, and often feature them in a variety of colours. Plus, the best part is yet to come. Here’s my favourite pair in ‘Shine On’ in black, and you can view the full range on their website here. Read on to get my breakdown of how you can choose the perfect pair with ease below…

Wearing Quay Australia Sunnies in  ‘Shine On’  - $49 AUD | Scarf from Kmart | Dress Thrifted

Wearing Quay Australia Sunnies in ‘Shine On’ - $49 AUD | Scarf from Kmart | Dress Thrifted

Quay Australia - The Brand

I’m pretty picky when it comes to a nice pair of sunnies. Just like the right haircut, a good pair frame your face well and will last you through the seasons. QA are the experts in sunglasses and have been perfecting the process of designing slick sunnies for 14 years now so you can expect to fall in love! When I opened my package from Quay Australia this is exactly what I was delighted to discover. The quality is very high, the frames are sturdy and they feel so damn nice to wear! I also love the attention to detail with the logo embellished into the frame in silver, I take mine everywhere. The sunnies you select also come with a complimentary little bag featured below, to keep them in, and if you head over to the website you can even get 20% off with a code from me and you can thank me later!

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Five tips for choosing the perfect pair of sunnies with Quay Australia

  1. Flatter your face shape

    Keep in mind what shape your face is: Do you have a soft or hard jawline? Do you have a round or long face? For softer round faces like mine go for styles that flick up on the sides, and have round lower sections. Stay away from hard edged styles. If you have a more defined jawline, go for the opposite. Strong lines and sharpe edges are your friend, and will balance out your face. If you’re in doubt, they even offer a virtual try-on option below each product! Instant magic!

  2. Think Everyday

    When I’m selecting a key accessory like a pair of sunnies I tend to think about what I want to wear everyday, not just when I head out. These sunnies are cute and something unique, but also simple in black, and classic so I can pair them with any outfit from day to night.

  3. Size Matters

    Little features? Go for a little frame. Stronger features? Go for a larger statement frame. Little features mean that your nose and mouth are smaller in proportion with your face shape - like me! Larger features mean that your mouth and nose are dominant and a larger pair of sunnies will flatter you as it balances out your features. Top tip!

  4. Consider your Wardrobe

    An obvious tip is to consider what’s already in your wardrobe, in terms of the styles you frequently wear, and what sunnies will work with your favourite looks. I have made the mistake in the past of buying a pair that I loved, but worked with essentially nothing I already had - and there’s nothing more heartbreaking than not being able to wear what you love!

  5. Sun Protection

    It might seem obvious, but when sunnies are so often just another fashion accessory we can forget to keep in mind the sun protection they offer and how different styles cater accordingly. The sun protection standard for Australia and New Zealand means each pair of sunglasses are rated ranging from a 0 [The lowest amount of sun protection] to a 4 [The highest amount of sun protection]. My pair in ‘Shine On’ are rated a 3, and Quay Australia has handy information below each pair on their website detailing the materials they’re made of, the sun protection rating and plenty of other useful information!

Sunglasses and Bag from Quay Australia | Bunny and Hairscarf from Kmart | Earrings from Lovisa

Sunglasses and Bag from Quay Australia | Bunny and Hairscarf from Kmart | Earrings from Lovisa

My Favourite Picks from Quay Australia

There are a number of different pairs I love at the moment! But here are a few of my top picks, and why I’d recommend them for you. I like to keep in mind styles that will work for a larger variety of face shapes and suit a wider variety of occasions. Nothing worse than buying an accessory you can only wear once in a blue moon so here are three of my favourite styles! [The three product images below are courtesy of Quay Australia and are not my own].

Outshine in black, also comes in soft pink. A super classic and flattering style for so many face shapes, a little bit cute but also wearable for every day!


Quay Two Piece Fold Up Case which is super handy to protect your sunnies and keep them safe when travelling or just a place to pop them where they won’t get lost!


Zeus which comes only in black, these ones are a statement pair and also provide high sun protection with their wide lenses and frame.


Be sure to head over to the Australian version of the Quay Australia site so you can view the same range as I’ve reviewed here on The Wardrobe Blog! You can also follow Quay Australia on Facebook and Instagram.

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