How to Prepare for Fashion Week

New Zealand Fashion Week is fast approaching, and I share with you five tips to preparing for the 27th - 2nd September 2018, through the Week to Fashion Weekend.

I'm super excited but there's also still so many things to think about when preparing for any major media event such as this. As a blogger and photographer for NZ's biggest online fashion publication FashioNZ, I thought I would share with you a few things to think about when prepping for NZFW including gear, what to wear, travel, and my top tricks are for surviving the week in style!  


1. What to Bring

A minimilist approach is essential during Fashion Week. Whether you're attending shows, blogging, or in the pit with the photographers you absolutely don't want to be carrying around too much. There just isn't the space to leave your gear, and the shows often run late with events back to back. This leaves little time to gather and find your things, let alone be running to and from the media room, especially with the crowds that often block the main areas around headlining shows. I bring one bag, including two cameras, my 70-200mm lens for the runway, and a zoom or wide lens such as a 50mm for closer intimate shows and hero shots. Make sure you bring extra batteries, your chargers for your tech gear, and a light jacket or umbrella for walking in between shows. There is a fair bit of walking too, if you're coming along for the week so make sure you wear appropriate footwear and this leads to the next point!

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2. Be Stylish & Practical

Fashion Week is an awesome opportunity to plan your outfits in advance and make sure everyday is something fresh and beautiful. If you're just attending the shows you can definitely go all out, but if you're working as well then keep in mind what you'll be doing. If you're photographing at all, avoid shorter skirts (obviously). I also opt for darker colours, such as black which is not only professional, but it doesn't attract too much attention when I'm shooting. Looser silhouettes are better for me, so that I can move around easily and quickly. I also keep my hair back and up, to keep it out of my way. If you're photographing, you're often squished together very closely with the other photographers so being practical is essential. Even if you're attending the shows the weather can be brutal at this time of year, so keep that in mind for the hair styles you choose. I generally wear my hair in a ballet bun. I always wear my studio shoes, my all black Deuces which have supportive soles that are super comfy. I opt for long tunics or dresses with leggings, or pants and shirt styles so I can bend, sit and squat easily too. You never can be sure of what you'll have to do to get the perfect shot, so be prepared for anything.


3. Be organised

Something I often struggle with, but being organised before Fashion Week is a must. I'll be shooting intense 8+ hour days, on my feet and editing late into the night with early starts. I'll be making sure I get lots of sleep in the week leading up to NZFW, and bringing along a few snacks with me in my bag in case I don't have time to buy food or drink. I bring along my water bottle, something light such as tuna and crackers, an Up and Go, as well as an energy drink each day in case I can't get my morning coffee! The other thing to consider is charging everything and preparing all your equipment the night before, and planning your makeup in a way that takes into account such a busy week. Keep a lip balm on hand. I'll also carry with me a list of the shows in print, including the locations and addresses. Above all, book your Uber rides to the VIP shows as soon as you get confirmation of the times on the day, you don't want to miss out by waiting for transport! Finally, be early, be super early. I can't stress this enough. Whether you are using public transport, getting dropped off or parking get there early to allow yourself plenty of time to find parks. It can get pretty hectic! 

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4. Prioritise your Goals

Whether you're attending for fun or work, keep in mind why you are there and what the most important shows are. For me, photographing the shows I'm responsible for capturing on behalf of FashioNZ are my top priority. I'll attend extra shows if I'm able to and still on my game, but the days are often very long and run late into the night so make sure you don't spread yourself too thin and take on too much. Some of my favourite headlining names this year are: Trelise Cooper, Kate Sylvester, and PIA Boutique.

There are also a few extra events. The publication I am shooting for FashioNZ, is hosting a fantastic 'Future of Fashion' panel on the 31st of August. This is an absolutely must see event for anyone who is interested in New Zealand fashion and the industry. Speakers include Kathryn Wilson, Tanya Carlson, Maggie Hewitt, Kelly Coe, and Murry Bevan from Showroom 22. You can book your tickets here. I will see you there!


5. Have Fun!

I know, it sounds cliche but every year I make so many new friends and meet wonderful new creatives. Don't forget your business cards, so you can connect and network with other like-minded people! I like to take the time to chat to the other photographers and learn from those who have been in this industry a lot longer than me, as well as share ideas and stories in between shows. Sometimes the little moments before the shows actually start, backstage when everything is being prepared, it's these aspects that the audience don't get to see, are are some of the most exciting parts of the week for me. So take your time, take it all in and don't spend the whole week on your phone or behind your camera. This is the last year that NZFW is showing at the ANZ Events Centre, so it's one to remember!

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