Rainbow Makeup Tutorial

A Makeup Monday Tutorial…

Makeup Monday is my favourite day of the week! This look was created in preparation for ‘Pride Month’ and also because I just can’t get enough of rainbows and colour! As I’ve been experimenting with more creative makeup looks, this one is my most colourful to date and I love how it turned out! I stream my Makeup Monday looks on Twitch now, so you can view the entire process in my stream highlights here! To check out my Instagram stories pictorial from start to finish, just scroll down for all the details and product info!

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For this rainbow look, I used eight colours to create it. Taking all the shades from my favourite BH Cosmetics palette, I started with yellow, then red, orange, blended these out into the crease with a deep pink, then purple, blue, and green under the eyes. The green under my eyes was a bit of a risk and I was worried it’d end up like Frankenstein but once my lashes were on I was stoked with the finished result!


How-To Rainbow Smokey Eye: First, moisturise and prime! I use Dermologica moisturiser as it’s really light weight and not greasy. Then I prime with my MAC cosmetics primer, and recently I’ve been loving my Maybelline Foundation in ‘Fit Me’ shade 110. Fellow pale girls, I have you covered! This foundation is great for everyday. Use a thick and firm bristled blending brush to get a great application for your base. Then I fill in my brows with my favourite brow powder and angled brow brush.


I use either foundation or concealer depending on how my skin is feeling to ‘carve out’ my brows, and define the shape especially along the top line. Before I added the eye shadow colours, I prepped my lids with a white base to make the colours stand out more. Once the colours were complete, I added mascara to my top lashes first, before applying my Model Rock false lashes. Their styles are gorgeous and lush. I apply lower lash mascara last, then apply blush and contour.


For lips I used a nude lipcolour, with glitter gloss over the top! Hella rad.

To celebrate the finished look, I put together a little photoshoot around my house. I like to utilise natural light over adding any artificial lighting, and I’m lucky that my walls are also white for perfect photo opportunities! I’ve mentioned this a few times, but I will be doing more tutorials on photography and lighting over the next few months especially on working with natural light! Send me a message on Instagram, or leave a comment with what sort of information you’d like to see and learn about!


My favourite part: This was one of my boldest makeup looks to date, and I’m so proud of the confidence I’ve gained by getting creative with makeup! My favourite part is the eyes, and the depth and variety of colour I was able to achieve. The trick to blending like this is having a good quality brush set, and using a fluffy soft blending brush, and working in circles gradually building up the colour. Be patient!


The Photoshoot: I took these just before dusk when the light was low, and the shadows were diffused. The soft light is great for skin tones and makes it much easier to bring out the colour vibrancy in your images. I captured some of the images outside facing the sunset, and the others inside against my favourite white wall, holding a silver reflector below my face to emphasise my glowy skin. See you next week for another makeup look!

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